Tuesday, 2 April 2013

B - Being Free Spirited

Be free like a beautiful Butterfly... wings as light as feathers.
Stunning and elegant, a free spirited soul, searching for answers.
Colourful Butterflies,  with spots of black, yellow  and blue;
I wonder....Can we all be butterflies?


Monday, 1 April 2013

Hi to all you lovely bloggers

I have just signed up for the A-Z challenge - I hope to discover/unravel or just afind myself.
Will I suvive this ?  Well only time will tell....so, here goes....GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!


Accept who you are first before trying to accept others into your circle.
Once we accept ourselves for who we are the rest comes naturally to us....
Trying to find others to accept us is difficult so begin with yourself.  Then
Allow the natural order of things to follow, to guide us into the life that is
already destined for us.....A C C E P T  and  A L L O W


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

New Challenges

Hi to all you lovely bloggers.  This is a short introduction to share a part of me.I'm Brinda
and I'm trying to make sense of the huge loss I've experienced .  My life took a drastic
turn 2 years ago when I lost my oldest son in a motor vehicle accident .  Words are not
enough to explain the shock and disbelief that me and my family felt. This is not how
things were supposed to be....normally the mum goes first....
Well .....now is finding reasons for this....hopefully I get some answers to this tragedy.

Having spoken to a seasoned blogger, and who has convinced me to sign up for
the A - Z challenge in April, I look forward to the many hours of blogging

Thank you to my  blogging mentor Michelle who has spent numerous hours chatting
to me about her blogging journey....in between our busy working schedule.
I'm just wondering... do you think I will survive this blogging journey......?